The Batch Interface to restore database

I’m using Tamino v3.1.1.7 on AIX 4.3.3.
I have made a backup of the database to tape(backup medium:Tape).
One tape was made a backup at 08-AUG-2003. Other tape was made a backup at 26-AUG-2003.

I put a tape of 26-AUG-2003 on the tape device.
I used the following batch interface.
> argbatch restore database product=Tamino target=host user=tamino password=tamino database=testdb backupdate=08-AUG-2003:17:00:00 recoveryoption=“no”

Tape’s date differ from a parameter value of backupdate.
In spite of difference, database finished the restore successfully.
Please let me explain the reason.
Thank you in advance.


Tamino does not check that the backup on tape is the correct one. This is a known shortcoming and will be addressed in a future version.