Testing Tools Strategies


I wanted to know if any one has used any tool(s) to automate the testing of webMethods Services (B2B and EAI) or created services to do the same. I am looking for some kind of tools(or create services) that will help me AUTOMATE the testing. These tools(services) should also generate reports.

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Mercury Interactive tool WinRunner can be used for automated testing of webMethods Services,which most of companies prefer this.

Personally, I love JUnit. I automate the tests with Ant.

I have created a simple class that extends the Junit TestCase class that sets up and tears down the IS Java client connection to IS, so each test I write just has to do context.invoke on the services I want to test. I’ve been meaning to write this up with full examples, but here main bit:

package com.xxx.junit.framework;

import junit.framework.*;
import com.wm.app.b2b.client.Context;

public class ISTestCase extends TestCase
static protected String DEFAULT_SERVER = “localhost”;
static protected String DEFAULT_PORT = “5555”;
static protected String DEFAULT_UID = “Administrator”;
static protected String DEFAULT_PWD = “manage”;
static protected String DEFAULT_TESTPACKAGE = “TestPackage”;

private String server; 
private String port; 
protected Context context; 
protected String uid; 
protected String pwd; 
private String packageName; 

public ISTestCase(String name) { 
    server = System.getProperty("junit.server", DEFAULT_SERVER); 
    port   = System.getProperty("junit.port",DEFAULT_PORT); 
    uid = System.getProperty("junit.uid",DEFAULT_UID); 
    pwd = System.getProperty("junit.pwd",DEFAULT_PWD); 
    packageName = System.getProperty("junit.packageName", DEFAULT_TESTPACKAGE); 

 * Setup the client connection to IS 
public void setUp() { 

    context = new Context(); 
    try { 
    catch (Exception e) { 
        fail(" Error: Unable to connect to server '" + server 
                + ":" + getPort() 
                + "' uid:'"  + getUID() 
                + "' pass:'" + getPWD() 
                + "' aborting testing:" + e); 

 * Disconnect from Server. 
public void tearDown() 
    if (context.isConnected()) 

public String getServer() 
    return server; 
public String getPort() 
    return port; 
public String getUID() 
    return uid; 
public String getPWD() 
    return pwd; 
public String getPackageName() 
    return packageName; 


Yeh, I’ve used JUnit too for IS services.

Sometimes it can be a little hard to test certain services at a decent level of detail - ones that create complex documents, for example - but it’s generally extremely useful.


Also, Pete Arvanitis wrote a webMethods Ezine article on this topic. You may find it to be helpful as you get started with JUnit.

The article can be read at http://www.wmusers.com/ezine/2003feb_parvanitis_1.shtml.