Testing the services on postman not allowed status 405 and it work on designer

I created a package in designer softwareag webMethods and developed the first service and tested it in the designer it returned data status 200. Then I created a REST API document. After that I created a REST Resource for the first service and created a URL for it. I went to postman and created a request. I added the URL and tested the service and status 200 data was retrieved, then I worked on developing the second service, and after completing the development and tested it in the designer it returned data status 200, I created a REST Resource for it and went to postman, but the error was method not allowed 405.

Not Any other service created in this package works correctly in the designer, but in postman it does not work status 405.

I created a new package and developed the dummy data service and it works well status 200 on designer and postman and the above error does not appear.

I have to develop my services in the first package because I and a team with me work in the same package

I cannot change the package, I must develop it within it

Please do share the REST Resource & REST API Descriptor you configured, as well as the Postman request that results in the HTTP 405 error.
Let us know which names you’ve given to first service and second service in your code.