Testing a Custom Handler

I have implemented a Custom Handler for the content-type “application/x-rosettanet”. This content-type is meant for the RosettaNet documents. I also have registered this custom Handler in the IS. Now I am not sure how to test this custom handler. I mean how can we post a RosettaNet document to IS , so that this custom handler is called ? Any help in this regard will be of great help ! Do I have to create a Http Listener in IS?

Not quite sure why you developed a custom content handler for Rosettanet since this is an xml file.

You can test a content handler by posting a file to your IS with the content type of the file set to the specified mime type.

If your files have a unique extension that is associated with a content type in the \IntegrationServer\lib\mime.types file you can also test your handler using FTP to send the file with the specified extension.

Note that the output of your content handler will be placed into the pipeline of the service that gets invoked by your post or FTP send.