Test a service using a browser

Hi all

I have a question, before I ask the question I want you to follow the next scenario:

Open the service that you want to test.Then On the Test menu, click Run in Browser.
Then your browser will be open and it will look like this:


Suppose this service is displaying a name input by the user.

My Question?
Is it possible to type the link this


instead to display the Name?


This won’t work Ameer. Inputs are piped into the service using HTTP GET protocol.
If you really needed to do this, you could write a servlet/JSP page as a handler.
You can also invoke a service by creating a simple HTML form with action code pointing to your service, and method=“POST”. In this case input data will not be visible in the URL (as is the case with GET).



Thanks Hido for replying

That what was I though, but I also though maybe webMethods do magic :slight_smile:

Magic feature will be implemented in a future version :slight_smile: