Terracotta-license Key for trail version

Please provide the procedure to get the free license key (trail version) for terracotta.

Earlier i got it from SAG through 9.8 trail version, but now am not seeing the terracotta license key file in 9.9 trail version.

Any idea?

Try getting the standalone terracotta free trial (90 days) from the below link: I had downloaded the same in the past.



I tried it, but it is downloading tar.gz file. I need this for windows OS, How can i use that?

Now the issue got resolved, Thanks Man

How did you fix it?

My bad, I got confused with terracotta UM. But you can still use the terracotta free trial license which is valid up to Expiration Date: 2016-01-31

Let me know if you need further details.


open the tar.gz with any program the can handle zips, like 7Zip or similar.

Inside this you will get the tar archive which can also be opened.


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As i said earlier, I already enrolled the trail version of Terracotta Enterprise Suite through the below link.

Once you registered you will get the license key to your mail, you can simply replace the key in the following location and restart your IS and terracotta servers.


This will help you to extend your free trail version terracotta to 90 more days.

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