Tenant Transaction Limited Exhausted - Snowflake Certification Course

I’m using webMethods io - Free Forever Edition to complete a training course on Internet of Things using webMethods io Integration into Google Cloud into Snowflake.

I’m just about to complete a snowflake Data Applications Builder course but in order to do so, i need to connect a workflow to send data to PubSub.

However I’m getting an error message “Your tenant transaction limit is exhausted please contact support”

I’ve tried to contact support but it keeps putting me through to Empower who wont speak to me because I’m not a customer of theirs.

Any idea of how I can work with this, I only need access to do this one transfer and my course will be complete. I have VERY little left to complete this course.

Thanks very much !



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Hi Jeremy,
This is the monthly cap on transaction which get reset on monthly basis.
If u can provide me the tenant name, i can share you the details when the transaction count will be reset.

Vikash Sharma

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I am having the same tenant transaction issue as Jeremy. Vikash, could you assist me as well? My tenant ID is mmosey3

If there are any other workarounds I would greatly appreciate it. Waiting a month is very inconvenient. There were hundreds of transactions that were wasted by the system overnight, because webMethods was broken yesterday.

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