Tedge -mapper unmet dependencies

Hi All,

We have recently got an IoT environment as below:


I would like to install thin-edge-io and connect it to Cumulocity IoT. I followed the guideline below to complete this:

Step 1: I have installed tedge by using the script available in the documentation:

curl -fsSL https://thin-edge.io/install.sh | sh -s

As I understand, tedge-mapper is required to translate messages to JSON format. However, it is showing unmet dependencies. How should I overcome this?

I don’t get it:

Was this command successful or not?

curl -fsSL https://thin-edge.io/install.sh | sh -s

Are you following this guide closely?

No, above command not fully completed , while installing i have encountered below error .

Currently we don’t support the i386 CPU architecture.

  • amd64 (aka x86_64)
  • arm64 (aka aarch64)
  • armv6
  • armv7

Though, this does not seem to be a Raspberry Pi device as Raspberry pi’s don’t use a x86_64 processor…so you must be actually running this under some emulation/vm.

Reposting the same answer from the duplicate post (Thin edge - Installation - #2 by Reuben_Miller2).

Whilst your CPU architecture (x86_64) is supported by thin-edge.io, it looks like the OS version that you are using does not. In essence you’ve used the 32 bit variant of Debian bullesys which means that all of the applications are running 32 bit versions rather than the 64 bit version.

The Debian architecture can be viewed by running the following command:

dpkg --print-architecture

The only way to fix this is to use the 64 bit version of the selected operating system, however this will mean redownloading the image, and reinstalling the whole Operating System.