Tedge installation

Hi All,

I was installing Thin Edge on my PC, and while using this comment, I got the following error

command : dpkg -i tedge_0.1.0_armhf.deb

could anyone guide me on how I can over come this

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You are trying to install a thin-edge build for ARM CPUs on a AMD64 CPU machine, which obviously won’t work.

Also thin-edge 0.1.0 is pretty old and shouldn’t be installed anymore.
Try this guide instead to install the latest thin-edge version: A tour of thin-edge | Thin-edge

Just for curiosity: Where did you get the 0.1.0 deb file from? Which guide you are following?


Looks like you are installing the wrong architecture package.

These are available - you should try the amd64 package.

See How-to recipes - Cumulocity IoT Guides.

Looks like you have used the example command but you should change the command " where version is the thin-edge.io version in x.x.x format and arch is the architecture type (amd64, armhf)." to suit your environment.

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I wouldn’t advise using the artifacts directly. Please use the install guide on the thin-edge.io website:

The instructions are very simple, and the script does all the heavy lifting by detecting which CPU architecture is required for your machine, and pulls in the appropriate dependencies automatically.