How to Configure and Connect to Cumulocity IoT in Rasbery Pi?

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Cumulocity IoT

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I have tried to connect the Cumulocity IoT account to the raspberry pi using the c8y command using thing-edge io in step 2

but this step displays the error and can not connect Cumulocity account

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

free trial
my tenant id:- aatif312

Hi Aatif, to upload the certificate, you need to give your username not the tenant id in the command. Please try again with your username.

Hi Yishu Zhong,I also try the username but gives the same error

Hi Aatif, error 401 means credentials are invalid. Please make sure the combination of user and password is correct. The second password you enter should be the password of your Cumulocity account. You can also use tedge config list command to check if the URL and other settings are correct.

Are you using a single sign on user, as I believe this is the default for trial tenants (though I’m not 100% sure about this). If so you can create another user in your tenant which has the “Tenant Management” permissions to use for the certificate uploads.

Alternatively you can always manually upload the device public certificate in the Cumulocity IoT Device Management UI.

  1. On the device, display the certificate on the console (if you get permission denied, then run the command again using sudo)

    cat /etc/tedge/device-certs/tedge-certificate.pem

    You should get something like this. Note: This this is just the public certificate, so there is no danger if other people see it.

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  2. Copy the printed certificate text (including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- lines) and save it to a file on your local machine (e.g. device-001-certificate.pem)

  3. Open a browser and navigate to your Tenant, and open the Device Management UI application

  4. Navigate to Management > Trusted Certificates

  5. Click Add trusted certificate (in the top right corner). Activate auto registration and Enable options. (Note: the certificate name does not matter too much, but using a descriptive name is always helpful for your future self). Upload the certificate file you saved locally in step 2.

  6. On the device, you can speed up the reconnection attempt by reconnecting

    sudo tedge reconnect c8y

Note Your Cumulocity IoT user must have the Tenant Manager role (and adding this will require you to log out and log in again in the UI)

I checked - there is no tenant
That’s why you get the 401.
Why do you think this is the tenant url?

So how can I get my tenant Role in Cumulocity Iot Account?

Have you got a tenant?

Yes I have created one tenant from the administration account

What you are showing me there is a user account, with Tenant manager permissions. What is the tenant in which you are doing this? What is the url in the address bar at the top of the screen?

this is my URL

In your case the c8y.url should be

You were incorrectly using before.

Your output early on in this thread shows, not eu-latest.


Same Error :frowning_face:
What am I doing wrong?

The user aatif312 does not exist. Instead you should a user name that is provided in your user management view you’ve posted above (and have the Tenant Manager role).
I think you have common misunderstanding about tenants and user… What you’ve created is a user in a specific tenant.

Sorry but I can’t understand what you say about the tenant, could you brief detail about this?

What did I do wrong?

What you think is a “user” is actually a tenant.
When you do this:
tedge cert upload c8y --user "aatif312"there is no user “aatif312” in your tenant “aatif312” but users systemuser, aatif_jariwala2 … etc.

How can I log in to the aatif_jariwala2 account in Cumulocity?

If I log in to this tenant Where to get the tenant environment for login purposes?

The tenant is

On that tenant there are four user accounts one of which is ‘aatif_jariwala’.

It is this account you should specify as --user in the tedge command, and when prompted type the password for it.