TConnectionPoolDescriptor configuration

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I’d like to know if there’s a recommendation on how to tune the # of initial connections and max. connections. Also, I’d like to know the difference, from a performance point of view, of using this pool against creating a connection every time is needed. This second question arises because, at first sight, the way of hanling connections is very different between Tamino and a regular RDBMS (due to the underlaying nature of the connection’s state).

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Hi Carlos,

We are looking for some help regarding that issue also. Your post is very old; have anybody come up with some help since then?

Our current settings are this:
TConnectionPoolDescriptor poolDescriptor = new TConnectionPoolDescriptor();

Can we raise the setMaxConnections to for example 100? Without any impact on the performance?

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Hi Tamino,

Still no answer regarding this important issue…

Does anyone know where there is some documentation about this issue, so I can’t find the information myself? I haven’t been able to find any documentation…

Regards Ole