TBLEVENT Table how to reduce it ?

Hi people,

By looking into My webMethods Server production, we notice that the table TBLEVENT is very huge (10 GB) regarding other tables and also the full size of Database. It’s about 20% of the Database data size.

We would like to know:
What is the table ?
Do we have to keep all information ?
Can we purge some data without impact on production ?

Thanks a lot,

This is a 7.x installation, correct? (This situation has been fixed in 8.x) The quick answer is: yes, you can safely delete all records from this table to save space.

If you’d like to regularly purge older events you can use the following SQL

DELETE FROM TBLEVENT WHERE QUEUETIME < (epoch time in milliseconds) 

and choose an appropriate epoch time.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply, I’ll right test it now :slight_smile:
Also yeah I’m with a 7.1.3 version.

Nice day,