Taxonomies updation

I am using a custom taxonomy for our services. I am setting this taxonomy using a design time pollicy on a ‘Post-Create’ event. After post create, i may want to change the category of this taxonomy based on certain conditions. How can i do that ? Some of my DT policies in later stages of the lifecycle use this taxonomy to evaluate the scope of services on which they are applicable.


Hi Kelkar,
can you clarify the scenario a bit? Do you mean you want to apply additional classifications to the asset or do you want to modify the taxonomy?

I create a new taxonomy say “ServiceType”. I add two categories to this taxonomy say ‘type1’ and ‘type2’. Now most of my services (say 8 out of 10) would belong to ‘type1’. Hence i create a design time policy to classify all services under the taxonomy ‘ServiceTYpe’ and assign the value as ‘type1’. Now some of the services will be categorized under ‘type’ based on internal reviews of the service by architects. Since all services would be under ‘type1’ , i want to know how the administrator can manuall change the classificiation of the service to ‘type2’.

The admin can use the classifications profile to change the classification later or if the classification was assigned through a classification attribute by editing the respective attribute directly.


Thanks Daniel!