Task status shows failure(Unable to connect to web service at http://localhost:8585/services/bizPol)

Hi Experts,

Im developing a simple user task .

When the process instance is kicked , the user task shows queued symbol and soon after some time it gets failed.

I have found the following erros in the IS page.

Unable to connect to web service at http://localhost:8585/services/bizPolicy/task

It was working fine till yesterday and suddenly when i tested today it is showing the errors.

I have configgured the wmTaskCleint package to correct MWS url and also the task engine is configured correctly

still it throws that errors.

Did i miss anything?

Can someone help me on this.

Arun Chollety.

Please check for the following setting under
Settings -> Resources in the IS-Admin:

Single Sign-On with My webMethods Server
MWS SAML Resolver URL http://:/services/SAML

Maybe this setting got corrupted.

Additionally restart your IS and see if this helps.

Check if your MWS is still running. If not, (re-)start it.

Were there any changes made to instances in between (like installing Fixes etc.)?


Thanks Thomsen for your reply.

It is working now. Restarting the IS helped.

Arun Chollety