Task List Management Details

I am not able to see any details of the task in the Task List Management in MWS. Did anybody come across such situation?

Thanks in advance.

and are you seeing any errors in the browser or in any of the log files? what version are you using? what browser?

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Hi Javir,

I don’t see any errors being displayed. It’s just an blank page. This happens only when I create a model & tasks in it. If I create a seperate task and deploy to MWS and start the task from MWS it gives me all the details.

Any idea?


maybe some of the configuration file containing the structure of the generated pages are empty or contain some error. I have not seen this before (generating a task from the process model or from the File->New menu has worked fine for me).
did you try to delete and generate the tasks (included the task project) again from scratch? Are you able to see any error in designer’s log?

best regards