Task Engine webMethods 7.0 or 7.1

So, “Hi” everyone … I am writing this post, from deep within the webMethods, training room, inside of their headquarters, in Fairfax VI. We have just completed day 3 for BPMS for Developers training… My head hurts.

I am curious, how many folks out there have webMethods 7.0, BPM & the Task Engine in place and in production?

Last year we tried to implement webMethods 6.5 Workflow, and stopped because of all the walls we hit. Now, 7.0/7.1 is suppose to be new improved and better.

However, with 3 days down, and 1 day to go in training, I am wondering how easy will this product be to embrace? It is not intutitive at all. It appears to be difficult to embrace all the parts to put it together

We have been on IS since version 4 and use TN and it is a solid part of our ITS suite of tools, is there anybody out there using 7.0 BPM and the Task Engine in real production?

It appears to me, that Task Engine, is not near as mature a product as say IS or TN.

Just curious … what others thoughts are…

Thanks in Advance,



We do have 7.0 BPM/Task Engine in production and have a few production workflows available to users. We have encountered issues in getting this environment established (honestly I chalk it up to the fact that we are using AIX and DB2 as environment instead of something more popular amongst the client base).

Task Engine and the CAF are not and really can’t be expected to be as mature as the IS and Broker. They are newer products, but they are huge improvements over BPM in the 6.1/6.5 environment (Designer is much better than Modeler/Workflow Developer) and the Task Engine is easier to configure, run, and maintain than Workflow ever could have hoped to be. I think CAF is a great improvement over past technologies such as DSP’s, particularly in that it makes JSF accessible to members of my staff who don’t have a Java background.

If you are interested in more of a discussion let me know.

I would like to get more details about implementing a workflow solution involving BPM, Task Engine, IS & CAF.

Please review the webMethods provided documentation on(Advantage.webmethods.com) that will be a starting point for you to get handson Designer (aka Modeler),Task Engine,Process Engine,CAF component etc…


We have a process model with task step in it, it is really working smooth.I honestly see it as a good progress webmethods made.