Task data in charts

There is a requirement that we shouldbe able to show pie charts or bar graphs of the task data, i.e. what is the inbox length of each user, tasks for which bank are pending, etc.
There was a product called webmethods dashboard. It had the ability to show graphs and those speedometer type indicators< can be seen in the lemonade stand tutorial in optimize>. Is the product still available? If it is available, can it be integrated with portal?
Else, does Optimize for process let us show graphical analysis of data rather than the process analysis.
Is there any other way of showing graphs, charts?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

I could not be absolutely certain but think Dashboard product is still available, please contact your WEBM Account manager for this.

MWS 7.0 does provide Dashboard integration portlets, please look under components/extras/dashboard. Integrating with dashboard would be a one path to implement tasks reporting charts, the downside of this approach that you would need to know a lot about underlying MWS and TaskEngine database schemas - this is not the type of information we have publicly available. Also you won’t be able to draw reports which queries include tasks business data because business data objects are serialized in the database.

As an alternative you may write your own charting app and use TaskSearchQuery APIs to query for tasks and report results as charts. We have a lot of charting examples under samples/analysis. These samples draw charts from the data coming from the database so you will need to adopt these to the data coming from TaskSearchQuery search APIs.

In 7.1 release tasks charting is an out of the box feature.