task business data mapping

hi all,

i have created a task step in process model,in designer input/output properties i have assigned approvePI document as a input and approvePO document as a output and next step is publish step , publishing approvePO document, i have created task portlet which containe approve and reject button., i have done build and uploaded the process model and task ui application.

can you please help me where i need to make the approvePO document
which contains string fileds which need to map from approvePI like customer number and ordernumber fileds, do i need to make approvePO document in approve action method in task UI, if yes how to make, please help me on this.

Anil Kumar Ellendula


in your page bean of the task ui you should be able to access a getter with the following name:


Let’s say the getter is named getMyTask you can call


The TaskData Object you get using this message should contain your input and output data. Just fill the data and call completeTask() in your page bean.