My problem is the setting the Tamino DB url.
" TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/InsiteADABAS/Books” "
This line of code works well when posting to my local Tamino DB. When I use the ping fuction it responses with is alive
The problem arises when posting to a remote Tamino DB. " TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://server_name/tamino/InsiteADABAS/Books” "

Ping function response with nothing.
There’s no connection to the remote server.

Hate to say this but it works for me in my environment. Which version of TaminoX is it? Select the file in Explorer and right click for Properties->Version.

The version of Tamino that I’m using is Tamino, VB 6 and apache 1.3
what are the configurations for the apache
Please mail ur email address to me @
Thank u kindly

I’ve pasted my prg below

Option Explicit

'Dim doc As DOMDocument
Dim doc As IXMLDOMDocument

Dim inoResponse As Object ‘used in 2 procedures
Dim flag As Boolean
Dim checkFlag As Boolean
Dim xmlString As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
flag = True
TaminoConnection ’ method
xmlString = Text1.Text
InsertDoc (xmlString) ’ function
End Sub

Private Sub TaminoConnection()
Dim initialiseResult As Long
Dim initPing As IXMLDOMElement
initialiseResult = TaminoX1.Initialize
If initialiseResult = 1 Then
TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/InsiteMessages/Books
'TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://jgovender/tamino/InsiteMessages/Books
'TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “
'TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://asam/tamino/insiteADABAS/Books
'TaminoX1.csDatabaseURL = “http://sagserv/tamino/insiteADABAS/Books

Set initPing = TaminoX1.Ping
'<> 1 Then
MsgBox initPing.xml

‘End If

Set doc = TaminoX1.StartSession(IsolationTypes.InoIsolationDefault, LockWaitTypes.InoLockWaitNo)

‘starts the session - locks the document
MsgBox “Tamino Initialisation failed”
’??? instead of exiting can I call this function again
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

Private Sub CleanUp(flagUpdate As Boolean) 'clean up
If flagUpdate Then
Set doc = Nothing
Set inoResponse = Nothing
MsgBox “All complete”
End If
End Sub

Private Function InsertDoc(xmlString As String) As Boolean ’ the actual insertion and checks
If flag = True Then
Set doc = New DOMDocument
doc.loadXML (xmlString)
If doc.parseError.errorCode <> 0 Then
MsgBox "A parse error " & doc.parseError.reason & " " & doc.parseError.srcText
InsertDoc = False
If checkFlag Then
Set inoResponse = TaminoX1.Insert(doc) ’ sends doc to Tamino
MsgBox “insert complete”
Set doc = TaminoX1.Commit ’ End the transaction
InsertDoc = True
CleanUp (InsertDoc)
'calls sub cleanup
Set doc = TaminoX1.Rollback 'stops the transaction with all changes backed out
End If

End If

End If
End Function

Private Sub CheckString() 'checking the xml string
If ((doc.firstChild.baseName) <> “Books”) Then ’ checks for the first element
MsgBox “Error - First Tag is not the same as the collection name ‘DOC’. Please correct the Text in the Text box and click the button Process”
flag = False
checkFlag = False
checkFlag = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Set doc = TaminoX1.EndSession 'Ends the session
End Sub

Private Sub Text1_Change() ’ changing the string
flag = False
checkFlag = False
InsertDoc (xmlString)
End Sub