TaminoUri and Namespace problem

Tamino Server, .NET API

Trying to retrieve a document from a Tamino database
e.g. command.RetrieveStream(new TaminUri(“XObject/123”))
Works fine without namespaces.

Defined a schema using a namespace (e.g. xmlns=“http://foo.org” targetNamespace=“http://foo.org”). DocType does not use any prefix.
Imported a document in that namespace (without using any prefixes).

“RetrieveStream” returns “null”.

Where is the problem?

Thanks in advance,

Are you attempting to use a “default namespace”? Is it possible for you to try using a namespace with prefix?

Yes, I tried to work with a “default namespace”. Received a response from the SoftwareAG support:

“It is a problem of the server (not the .NET API). Need to prevent from using default namespace.”