Hi there,
I got decent problems with the TaminoNonXml class, especially the method setNonXML, which requires the three parameters url, InputStream and contentType. I managed to set up an InputStream from a given file, and I verified the InputStream by creating the file elsewhere.

Now my problem: I am calling that method with the three parameters, where url is like


so I am using the standard schema of the nonXML files. In the InputStream is the created InputStream mentioned above and where contentType is the content-type of that file.

The TaminoResult always answers with the Error Message:

com.softwareag.tamino.api.dom.TaminoError: TaminoError[8400] Error get HTTP Inputstream

Has anyone encountered a similar problem, not to say the same? I would be thankful for every kind of help in that direction.


You have used “http://ip:port/tamino/database/ino:etc” as the url. Try to make that relavite to the url you used with the TaminoNonXml constructor.

Also, I doubt the setNonXML method will create collections and doctypes as needed. So make sure ino:etc/ino:nonXML or whereever you want to store the document to exists.

Thanks for the advice…

But even after giving the relative url as an argument to the method there is just the same error.
Also the collection ino:etc is existent for I stored nonXML files with the Active Interface into that collection before.