Tamino Resource Adapter and BES


Can I use TaminoResourceAdapter with Borland Enterprise Server?

When I try to deploy Tamino RA on BES i have following message:

visiconnect: java.lang.Error: Invalid helper class: com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.connector.TaminoDataSourceHelper
visiconnect: Please ensure that the connector being deployed is either Remoteable or is configured to be deployed to the serial JNDI naming context
visiconnect: java.lang.Error: Internal Error: did not find the ConnectionFactory impl, corrupt table?

What is com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.connector.TaminoDataSourceHelper?
This class isn’t included in Tamino jars, so what can I do?
Can anybody help me?

Hello Stahoo,

Borland seems to look for classes not mentioned in the deployment descriptor file ra.xml. There is in fact no class called …TaminoDataSourceHelper. It’s an internal Borland problem.
Ask Them for help.

Check also the entries in the ra.xml file. You should find this entry for the TaminoJCA_localTx.rar:


Josef Haiduk

I’d rather try to use Tamino API for EJB.
Thanks for help anyway.