Tamino 4.2.x from JBoss 4.0

Hi - does anyone have an example of how to deploy and access the Tamino resource adapter from JBoss 4.0? Before I went ahead and figured this out for myself, I figured I would ask here.

JBoss 4.0 seems to have a new (simpler?) method for deploying JCA resources, but most of the examples they provide are JDBC.

Ok, so it turns out that deploying the JCA resource adapter in JBoss 4.0 isn’t all that difficult. Here is an example file (I called it tamino-ds.xml) that will do it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <config-property name="taminoURL">


This is great, but now I can’t seem to get a Non-Managed version of the adapter to work. I have the SAG supplied versions of TaminoJCA.rar - one is localTX and the other is noTX. What I really need is something like a TaminoJCA_nonManaged.rar. Anyone have any thoughts?

So far I have subclassed the TaminoNonManagedConnectionFactoryImpl in order to provide a public constructor. When I ran with that, a non managed TaminoDataSource was bound to JNDI, but when I used it and closed the connection, exceptions were thrown. So I changed my code to proxy the TConnection (that I get back from the TaminoDataSource) to a proxy class that ignores the call to close(). This seemed to work, but at some point the factory gets “closed” by JBoss and stops working.

Now I’m confused…

Any luck getting this to work. I would much prefer to do my development using EJB 3.0 than with the earlier specs.

No actually. We ended up going with an application managed solution, so we are not looking up the datasource in JNDI.