Tamino 4.1 & Tivoli Storage Management

Our prospect has a Sun with TSM (Tivoli Storage Management).
I’ll appreciate a lot if could you tell me if Tamino 4.1 support it? Are there any experience with Tamino and this solution?
Thanks in Advance,


Tamino 4.1 has an open interface for the integration of 3rd party backup tools. Using this interface it should also be possible to support Tivoli Storage Management. Please consult our documentation for details.

There are no experiences with this integration, however. Please contact me if you need further information



Hello Harald,
Thanks for your reply. I found that with
SNMP it’s possible to have an interface with TSM.


Hi Guille,

Could you give me more details about this topic? Did you implement the interface with SNMP for the TSM?

If not, does anybody have any experience with it?

Thanks un advance,