Tamino 3.1 Schema working with xCbl


Has anyone tried to import xCbl into Tamino 3.1 under Windows using the Tamino Schema editor included with Tamino 3.1?

The client is using xCbl 3.0 DTD and wants to know if it will work with Tamino 3.1.

If anyone is interested in trying it, the Schema can be downloaded from www.xcbl.org.

Brian Garner
Software AG Canada


Brian Garner
Advisory Systems Engineer, Softtware AG Canada
416.364.1133 x.261 office

Hi Brian,

I downloaded the 3.5 xCbl DTDs from www.xcbl.org and imported them into Tamino Schema Editor 3.1 .

All 3.5 xCbl DTDs could be imported, I did not get any error messages.

Thus you can use them with Tamino.

The situation with the 3.5 xCbl xsd schemas is different as Tamino supports currently only a subset of XML schema, but it’s only a question of time until the 3.5 xCbl xsd schemas can be used as well.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Software Engineer
Software AG