talk to CICS based server from webmethods4.6


How To talk to CICS based server from webMethods 4.6 using TCP/IP protocol. ?

I am thinking on lines of Java service which could send initial 50 bytes of data as handshake and then communication would proceed. please respond to this problem as soon as possible.
Let me know incase any other details are required.
Your timely help is desired and appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


Dropping all the way down to the protocol level might work, but seems to be overly complex. The webMethods Mainframe Integration Server or one of NEON’s mainframe adapters might be a better way to go.

You can probably find a way to create java services to communicate at the socket level with a mainframe, but why do this if there are other alternatives?


Hi Mark,

I am stuckup with a problem to communicate with a CICS based server.
I want to write a service ( Java / flow) which could help to do TCP/IP ping to CICS server from WM IS 4.6 and get a response from CICS server.
How to make TCP/IP communication possible…?
Please guide me how to do this.

Also if possible please send me ur “SocketExample” package.

Also what are other alternatives which could be used in this scenario ?


For the record, I think attempting to commuicate with CICS at a socket level is absolutely the wrong approach.

The package was re-attached to the original post.