Tables not visible in MS SQL select adapter

We are on wM v.9.7. I have two connections to a MS SQL Server for an integration, XA & LOCAL. The connection isconnected and I can create adapters, but in the Tree Chooser, I do not see the tables that I need to read and write. I do see these tables in Squirrel, but not in IS. Both Squirrel and IS are using the same user in MSSQL.

I’ve attached screen grabs from both Squirrel and Designer.

You can see that tables ETL_IN, ETL_OUT, do not show up in designer.

The MS environment in Windows Server 2012, MSSQL 2014, wM version 9.7 and JDBC adapter version 6.5.


Share the JDBC Adapter fix levels?

Just refresh your adapter, I believe it might not be a true issue. If you still having this behaviour, analyze logs, update us with errors, fix levels.


JDBC Adapter v.6.5 Fix 51.

The solution I found was that the MSSQS username must match the schema name that you are trying to use. Fix 51 was supposed to address this, I thought.

Hi, In your case it have worked but in all cases User name might not match Schema name as we are also using MS SQL and we do have different User names and Schema names where no User name matches with their corresponding Schema Name. Thanks any ways for reply.


Yes it is. Even I was on the same page.