Table LookUp


Can I extract the value using key1, key2 and key3 as input. I am having a string table with 4 fields, attached the screenshot for reference.

Any flow services from wmpublic can help me in this?

pub.string:lookupTable can be used for your requirement.

the pub.string.lookup, the keycolumn index is a string, so accepts one key only. But my case is I need to probide 3 inputs and based on the input I need to retrieve the result.

Any suggestion deeply appreciated.



Here is a workaround. You can maintain lookup table with two columns. First three key columns can be combined into one column Keys, concatinate the columns values. So when you want to pass three inputs concatinate the three inpus, pass it to lookup and get the value.

Hi Sasanka,
Since you are having the string table with four different columns, none of the inbuilt services can be used directly on the data. So better write a service which will loop over the string table values and provide a branch condition which will compare the first three field values with the inputs and provides the output as the value from the fourth field.