Has anyone used this function?
If I have my data on disk in a text file how do you populate the lookupTable variable of the service in?
Do I just load it as a string and map it? If so how do you define the columns?


Hi Chris,

    I used this service in different situation.we have database 

table.This contains some records.when I am querrying database table
I got records in that records one column is say TRDTYPE.Values
i am getting for TRDTYPE are PW,NG,CL,VOL now i want to change them
as POWER,NATURALGAS,COAL,VOLATILITY.So I used pub.String:lookupTable
service in my flow.I mapped TRDTYPE String to key(String field)in lookupTable service For lookUpTable(StringList parameter)I set up
key as(index 0)PW,NG,CL,VOL.for value(index 1)as POWER,NATURALGAS,
COAL…keyColumnIndex param as (0),valueColumnIndex as(1)ignore
-Case as true.I got results.
Is this helpful to you for your requirement?


Chris I have used this. The table in my case is read from a text file, tokenized in to records, the table columns substringed into a record, added to a record list (pub.list:appendToRecordList), record list converted to table, (pub.table:recordListToTable), and then converted to string table (pub.table:tableToStringTable). This works well for my batch processes (I run it once at the beginning of the entire flow to build the table), however is likely inefficient for some requirements like when many individual transactions are run in near-realtime. In that event, perhaps a similar process could be run at server start up to store a table in a repository.

Thanks for the replies!

Johanson, I’m most interested in your response as I’m trying to accomplish something similar. I understand what you did but I do not understand your first 2 steps. Would it be possible to send me a sample of the package that does this.

Much Thanks.

Still looking for info on how to update a string table. In Jon’s comment above “the table columns substringed into a record”, exactly how how do specify the update to the columns in the string table data type?


Chris, not sure I understand the question, I’ve zipped a service that creates a table from a text file for you to use if helpfull…

Table Build Service (3.9 k)