Convert StringTable to Hashtable

Hi All,

I have a string table in the Pipeline which I am passing as input to a Java Service. I need this StringTable to be converted to a Hashtable so I can do a key/Value look up…
In short , is there any Java code to convert StringTable to java Hashtable.


Will pub.string:lookupTable work? It accepts a string table and other parms to do a lookup.

Hi Rob,

I tried calling the pub.string:lookupTable from inside my java service.(I generated code for pub.string:lookupTable to call from another service). However , When i pass the StringTable in pipeline as input, I get a classcast exception…


Would need to see your code to help. Can you post it?


I think Rob gave a very good answer. Since you have a table, might as well do the lookup outside of the Java service. Just pass the looked up result to your Java service.

On an aside, I find that the more proficient webMethods Developer, the less Java code they write… 8) Seriously, most of the things you can thing of doing programmatically, it’s easily doable w/Flow.