Systems not showing up in My WebMethods System View

Can someone help? I have setup a manager server, hooked it to My Webmethods, but the ‘My webMethods’ ‘System View’ does not show servers registered for management.

Here’s how I setup the manager server: I setup and started up a controller, data handler and satellite. Next, I started up the Manager Server IS on the same box, logged into it’s web console and registered a few 6.5 brokers and a 6.5 IS instance to manage. Lastly, I logged into ‘My webMethods’ (running on a different server) and updated ‘System Configuration > System Settings’ to point to the controller.

The problem is ‘My WebMethods > System Monitoring > System View’ does not show brokers and IS instances registered for management in Manager. … it only shows the controller server and 3 ports below it: 12001, 12101, and 12501.

I’ve read the (dense) documentation but made no headway. I also verified the controller and data handler “./conf/local/station/” files to ensure they have correct entries. It’s like controller and My webMethods are somehow ignorant of the list of brokers and IS instances configured for management in manager server.

Also, can some clarify: in addition to registering the brokers or IS instances to manage in manager console, do we need to additionally configure controller or satellite to point to them?

All the brokers and IS instances being managed are version 6.5

There is one more additional step you need to do. After you registered the servers in the Manager server, go to My webmethods -> Monitor Management. If your OMI agent is deployed correct, you should see two filters by name OMIAttributeFilter and OMIObjectFilter. You need to go to OMIObjectFilter and select the Integration servers, packages etc for those objects to appear in the system view. You also need to select the corresponding attributed that you want to see in the OMIAttributeFilter.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Aneel - that was precisely it! Thanks a lot.