synchronous MQ Listener


I have created a synchronous MQ listener which listens to a particular Queue(source Queue). If any message is posted to the Queue another flow service is invoked. That flow service puts the same message to another queue(destination Queue). I’m able to post message to the source Queue,but messages are lost in the destination Queue. Can anybody help me or let me where i’m doing wrong.


You need to give more info on “lost in the destination queue”.
Was your flow service executed?
did it put the message in the queue?
is there consumer for the destination queue, check if it’s triggered.


Thanks for your Reply. I have just used putAdapter service in the flow service.I triggered another service, by creating a trigger on the Destination Queue. The Message body is coming as null in the service.

These are the steps which i have done

  1. Created a synchronous listener on a source queue.
  2. Created a putAdapter service to post the message to destination queue.
  3. Created a flow service, which has only putAdapter flow step.
  4. Synchronous Listener Notification is invoking the flow service.

Could you please let me know how to get data in the message body or where i’m doing wrong.