SXSJTrigger implementation

I have an element like this:



and i want that on deleting an elementb from the xml a trigger will be raised.
I do this.

On the correspondent element (elementb) i add :
<tsd:myDelete type=“action”>SXSJTrigger.myDelete</tsd:onDelete>

but i wasn’t able to write the correspondent myDelete function on…
who can help me?


Hello @nto,

is the problem with writing the code, or with calling the code when the element is deleted?

In your schema excerpt, the tsd:trigger element contains a tsd:myDelete element - which is incorrect. The correct closing tag is used though: tsd: onDelete
(This is probably just a typo.)

If the problem is writing the onDelete method, please post your schema and a description of what you would like the method to do.


The problem is that i wrote a method that remove an element watcher from my db and i want that this “event” was logged into Trigger_Log (for the moment i haven’t modified the file .sxp, it is the same contained in Java_trigger directory in Tamino 4.1.1).
The removing is correct and obtain i new xml file without the watcher i want to delete, but i don’t get the logging in Trigger_Log.
Why? U can explain it to me?

acl.tsd (2.15 KB)


I can’t really explain this without seeing the code that is being used, or by accessing your database.
Is the database available from outside your LAN?
(You can e-mail the details directly to me if you don’t want to publish them on the public forum.)

It might be a silly question, but: have you tried activating the SXS-Trace to see if that gives more information?
Navigate to:
  SMH -> -> Tamino -> Databases -> -> Server Extensions

You will see a button in the lower left-hand pane: “Extension Settings”. Clicking this will open a dialog in the main/right-hand pane where you can activate Server Extension tracing.
When you have run the test with tracing enabled, you can query the ino:SXS-Trace collection for the ino:SXS-Trace documents, and hopefully you will see the calls to your extension - or at least any error that may have occurred.

I hope that helps,


I only have XML Starter Kit 3rd Edition with Tamino XML Server 3.1.

Can I upgrade it to add the Tamino XML Server 4.1 Trigger suport? Or when the XML Starter Kit 4th Edition will be available?

Thank you.