I have a problem with the trigger example of the Tamino Installation
I installed the trigger according to the Readme.txt of the example folder.
When i want to execute the example the following message occurs:

Server Extension Failed (Code INOSXE7126)
Internal Error when initializing a Java SXF

After returning to the management hub i get the following error on the extension:

Parameter not defined: SXSJTrigger

Thanks for help.


Hi Tobias,

There seems to be a bug in the delivered example. To fix it you have to change the package in the java file to

package com.softwareag.ino.sxs.javatrigger;

For your convenience I add an updated SXP file with changed package name.

Best regards,
Julius Geppert
Software AG
SXSJTrigger.sxp (1.94 KB)

Thank you Julius for your response. I will try your new sxp- file.

Yesterday i tried on by myself and got the trigger finally to work. The problem was the jar- file, that contains the class ASXJBase was not found.

Does anybody know, how to import a whole directory to use all jar- files located in it.

Best regards


Hi Tobias,
Version 4.1 of Tamino will feature the option to include a term “/*.jar” into the public or private classpath of a Java Server Extension (for details see documentation). Then all jar-files loacted in that directory are examined. This feature will be restricted to work on *.jar files only.
I think, this is exactly what You intend.
Best regards, Michael