Switch from business process to Trading Networks transaction

Hello there,

We are considering switching to the Trading Networks solution for business to business transfers. For B2B transfers we are currently using a standard business process.

There are some features which we miss such as:

  1. If a transaction fails when executing the service (which we are using for mapping, defined in the processing rule), the delivery service is still executed (and the status is updated to ‘DONE W/ ERRORS’). Is there a way to somehow suspend the transaction in this case and do not execute the delivery service anymore?

  2. When a transaction fails, we would like to see the pipeline (in MWS) saved before the called service failed (so we can see info such as callStack…) The business processes have the option ‘Edit pipeline’. Is there a similar feature in Trading Networks? The content tab only allows us to see the content elements from the bizdoc in text/plain form.

  3. Is there a way to set multiple services to call in the processing rule? We noticed that we can select the ‘Execute a service’ option only once.

Thank you in advance!