SWIFT XML schemas where to download

Hello all,

for now I did not found any answer. Please guide where I can download schemas for SWIFT XML messages particularly MT103, MT103+, MT202, MT940 and MT942.



Hi Gordan,

Did you find any solution to your problem ? I am also looking for the schema of MT940. Please let me know if you have found any solution.


  • Kiran

hi gordan,

We also are facing the same problem as you. Please pass on the solution if you have found one for your problem.


A quick search of the SWIFT website leads me to believe that you need to purchase documentation or training in order to have access to those schemas. If your employer or customer is a member of SWIFT they should be able to provide docs and schemas.

See the Self Help Guide for more details.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the information. we would like to create schema in webMethods for MT103 message using either WMFlatfile or XML schema ( Not using WMFIN pacakage). I wonder if someone faced the similar issue and the approach they followed. Incase we are sure that we can get XML schemas from SWIFT then we would request our client to contact SWIFT.

Please share your experience incase you faced similar issue.


If that message is defined as an element in an XML schema (XSD), then you can create an IS document type from that XSD using the create new document type wizard (Ctrl-N, then doc type).