Swift MT535 Issue, <SUBFIELD DFD ERROR> (solved)

running on the devTest-System my Process produces different results than on my dev system

in the inner part of the mt535 document the service wm.fin.format:convertIDataToFin


dev (should be)

1.) copy the files dfdmt535.xml, swiftmt535.xml from the dev-System to the devTest-System /packages/WmFIN/config/dfd/oct07
2.) reload the packages WmIPCore, WmFIN

It seems that these two file are generated in the development phase, when I was generating the MT535 document into the WmFINMessages packages. Those two files have the generation date.

??? Why does a development step make changes in the package WmFIN ???
This is a base Package and should not be changed subsequently

yes, the package WmFINMessages is part of my Deployer Packages, but WmFIN definitely not.

My Task:
reading flatfiles, and transform them to Swift mt535 documents

SWIFTFIN_6-1_SP2 6.1 2006-10-06 09:22:38 IST

Instead of copying the dfdmtXXX.xml files between your environnements in the WmFIN packages,
I suggest you to simply run the “wm.fin.dev:importFINItems” in WmFIN with all the MT/version you use in all your environnements.

I have retested your suggestion, it works.
This might be the better solution, I spare to deploy the WmFINMessages package

I’ve requirement to generate mt535 fin message from xml.
But since the message should not exceed 10 kb, i need to split to near of 10 kb each.
But i find difficult in splitting it after generating the fin message. This is an urgent requirement from my client.Please help me out asap.can anybody help me out in this request?