SWIFT FIN Module Configuration issues

Issue 1:
As part of the Bank payment process that we are implementing in our project, we are using the following modules
1. ACH Module and
2. The SWIFT module

We have installed SWIFT FIN module in the Integration Server. But, we are facing problems with the configuration of the SWIFT FIN Module. We got to know from webMethods_SWIFT_FIN_Module_Installation_and_User’s_Guide_6_1.pdf that the SWIFT FIN Module Configuration requires SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) software which in turn communicates with SWIFTNet Link(SNL) and this SWIFTNet Link sends and receives SWIFT messages via Secure IP Network(SIPN).

Since we have not worked on SWIFT FIN Module. Can someone who has worked on it throw some light on the below issues:
1. How webMethods SWIFT FIN Module and SAA interface?
2. What exactly does SAA do?
3. How SAA and SNL communicate?

Issue 2:
The SWIFT FIN Module as part of our Bank Payment Process needs to import Bank Identification Code list (BIC.dat file) to BIC table which we have created using the script provided in WmFIN package.

Can some one let us know whether it is available online for free? Or is there a way to create a BIC.dat file our self?

Issue 3:
As part of the Bank payment process that we are implementing in our project, the SWIFT FIN Module interfaces with SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA). There are three adapters specified for the above interface:
1. MQSA (MQSeries Interface for SWIFTAlliance)
2. CASmf (Common Application Server message format)
3. AFT (Automated File Transfer)

Can someone who has worked on these adapters let me know, which adapter can be used when?


We are planning to implement Swift FIN Adapters…

Can you guide me in implementing approach…

Thanks In Advance !!