supported / certified browsers

What are the supported / certified browsers and versions for CAF (portal) apps? MWS 7.1.1 using ajax components.

What browser(s) is/are recommended?

Is there an official SAG policy on this?



Hi Niall,

For 7.x the following browsers are supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x
Mozilla Firefox 2.x

For our supported platforms documentation please check the Installation Documentation on Advantage (

With wM v8 we will be adding support for Firefox 3.x.


This is surprising. For an SR relating to performance we were advised we needed to upgrade to IE7 since IE6 was too old.

SR 1-111950961

PS: Not meaning to be picky but the system requirements guide states My webMethods Server. Not necessarily composite apps using the controls of a particular version of CAF. Whilst we run MWS ok on ie6 for Fabric admin our CAF apps won’t run sucessfully on IE6. We’re finding Firefox 3 seems the best. Is there any particular reason FF2 is supported but FF3 is not?

Hi Niall,

IE is unfortunately causing performance problems due to their JavaScript engine implementation. IE7 is a little better in that regard than IE6 - that is probably the reason why you have been advised to upgrade to IE7.
Thanks for pointing out that the system requirements guide does not specifically CAF apps. It should though as the same browser versions apply.
The JavaScript engine implementation in Firefox is pretty good, so it doesn’t surprise me that the results on that platform are satisfying. There is no other particular reason to the current Firefox support than internal resource constraints. As I already pointed out, Firefox 3 will be supported with wM8. I will start a discussion internally with regards to adding the same support to wM 7.x.