supported application server.

I got two question here.
1) can Tamino databse accessed using jdbc?
2) which application support tamino databse?


1/ I suppose you can’t, but I suggest using Tamino DOM API from taminoclient.jar
2/ Bolero or X-Studio from Software Ag. I use Java JDK 1.3 and Borland JBuilder.


Hi, thanks for the reply.
Sorry, I have done a mistake for the second question. What I mean is which application server(like weblogic, iPlanet…) that support tamino database? Thanks.


Access to Tamino database only need a TCP/IP connection. No driver like jdbc or odbc is needed.
You can access to Tamino with your browser or any application which can make a TCP/IP connection to Tamino.
There are some packages (TaminoClient.jar for Java) which wrap this access.

So, you can access Tamino from every Application Server or every sevlet runner (Tomcat, JRun,…).



support of application servers is still in progress (development not finished yet).
The following application servers will be
supported soon (probably Q3 2001):

BEA Weblogic
IONA iPortal
IBM Websphere
HP Bluestone

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Technology Consultant
Partner Engineering

Thanks for the response.
Anyway, if it possible for me to use the JDBC?
My stuation is, I already have a web application which is built according to the J2EE and is built on top of Weblogic and Oracle. But now, I want to switch Oracle to Tamino. I hope I don’t need to change all the codes. Will this possible?

kwang ming


1. there is no JDBC access to the Tamino XML database

2. it`s generally not a good idea to take a
relational database design as a pattern for an
XML database design. You lose all the advantages
of XML (implicit information about relations
and structure) and inherit the disadvantages
of the relational database design.

Best regards,

Jan Harmsen
Technology Consultant
Partner Engineering

Tamino can be accessed via ODBC/JDBC, but…!

Tamino contains actually two databases: The native XML store, and a SQL engine in parallel. Unless you licensed this SQL engine, it will stay turned off. Once turned on, Tamino can act as SQL server as well, with all benefits and drawbacks of relational data.

Of course it is possible to access this relational data via XQuery, but it is not possible to access XML data stored natively via the SQL interface.