Support for JAXB in the new Java API

The documentation for the new Tamino Java API says:

The abstract base class TXMLObject represents a facade to the concrete underlying XML object model. This model can either be dynamic (DOM or JDOM) or static (JAXB, Breeze, Bolero).

Is the use of JAXB supported currently, and if so, is an example available?


Hi Bill,

I moved your posting to the (internal) forum “Tamino API Feedback”, which should be used for questions about the new API. The difference between this forum and the forum “Java API (taminoclient)” which you used, is that the first one is visible for staff only.

I’m working on getting an answer for you.

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To be honest I don’t have a clue! However, I did a quick search of the code and could no mention of JAXB so I’m doubtful.


the answer is: No, we do not support JAXB at this point in time.

JAXB is currently in an unclear state to me. I’ll try to get more information about this for you.

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So here is what the ‘expert’ has to say :slight_smile:

I am currently member of the JAXB expert group. JAXB has been around for 2 years now and hasn’t moved a lot except that Sun every now and then dropped us a specification and we had some comments on it and they still moved on with ignoring most of what we said. Despite all that it was released as an early access on the last Java One in spring I believe. This release also comes with a Reference Implementation.
However the spec leader changed just some weeks ago and the new one seems to listen a lot more. However the final release (not the EA) is now targeted at Java One NEXT year.
My expectation and hope is that it will not resemble the current early access to be honest.
The comment in the API comes only from the theoretical possibility to write a plugin for every object model that you have. But since there is none for Bolero there is also none for JAXB.

So my bottom line is, don’t put a lot of effort that relies on the current spec of JAXB as I hope it will change quit substantially. However I am not sure since we are only back to work on JAXB for a very short period of time. If you interested in the progress you can ask me in a month or two…
christian campo