support for accented characters (unicode ?)

Hi there,

I want to be using “?” "

I thought that an example may be more useful

search with empty texts to get all the data

This simple test was generated using xapplication the first entry you would see is shown correctly it was loaded using Tamino Loader but the third entry you would see is all garbled out any ideas why is it so.

You can test it out using create.jsp and character map of windows. Would appreciate any assistance


btw encoding=“ISO-8859-1”

Hi Amit,

first question: What version of X-Application you’re using?

I suppose you’re using V3.1.1 or earlier, if this is right please have a look at the topic

X-Application Assistance Forum - I18N Fix

and install the fix which we offer as download.

In case you’re using V3.1.2 please send the application as a .ZIP file by opening a new topic in the X-Application Assistance Forum.

The problem you described is a X-Application problem, so please use the X-Application Forums for future posts concerning this problem.

Thank you for your contribution.

Stefan Schwalm
Team X-Application
Software AG, Darmstadt

Thanks Schwalm,
I was using xapplication 3.1.1 in this test case. Thanks for pointing out the fix for 3.1.1.
Appreciate your time.