Super iPaaS interactive demos

This week we announced our vision for the future of integration - a new category of cloud-ready, AI-enabled, full-stack enterprise integration we’re calling a Super iPaaS that lets you integrate anything, anywhere, any way you want. We bet our community members can’t wait to see all new and exciting capabilities of our enterprise integration platform in action. That’s why we’ve prepared the interactive demos below. You can select the parts that are most important to you, or you can watch the videos in their entirety.

Let’s dive into several use cases scenarios solved with the help of webMethods and StreamSets.

Super iPaaS interactive demos

Transforming cloud migration through integration

transforming cloud migration

Integrating applications deployed across multiple clouds and environments is challenging. Watch and learn how you can easily solve the integration challenges of a multi-cloud strategy using the webMethods platform.

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A single pane of glass for APIs & integration

single pane of glass for apis

With a multi-cloud strategy you often have to deploy multiple API Gateway and Integration runtimes deployed across different regions, making it challenging to monitor and control.

In this demo, see how you can centrally monitor and control distributed API Gateway runtimes using webMethods API Control Plane, and Integration runtimes using Integration.

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Data and application integration

data and application integration

Storing raw data in Snowflake is not enough. It needs to be transformed into analytics-ready data which enables business insights for better decisions. However, SQL queries for data transformation can get complex and hard to maintain.

Watch and learn how Transformer for Snowflake allows you to build pipelines that run natively on Snowflake by leveraging Snowpark. And see how application activation can be implemented using Integration to close the loop of data and application integration.

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Leveraging AI for integration


To meet the growing need to connect applications, organizations need to reduce the dependence of business users on IT and allow integration engineers to focus on tasks they are uniquely qualified to handle.

Watch and learn how webMethods AI revolutionizes end-to-end integration development, providing capabilities to process user prompts for integration use cases in natural language—and then automatically developing, testing and deploying the integrations.

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