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Cumulocity version 10.17

I’ve created a java microservice, that should honor multi-tenancy and get its tenant specific configurations from the subscribed tenants. Now I have the microservice deployed to the parent enterprise tenant, and I have the parent and a subtenant subscribed to it. For testing purposes, I could view the microservice logs of the parent tenant on the admin app UI, but I would like also to view the logs from the microservice operating at the subtenant. Does anyone know how I could achieve that?

Hi Omar,

from your description it sound like you are using isolation level “single-tenant”:

Can you confirm that this is the case?

And is this what you want? This means that each tenant will get its own instance of the microservice with its own log. You will need to log into the individual tenants to see the log.

If you use isolation level “multi-tenant” a single instance of your microservice will be shared across all subscribed tenants. You will get a common log for all of them that you can access from the parent tenant (but not from the subtenant).

If you are using “multi-tenant” isolation level, you will need to take care in your microservice implementation to handle subscriptions and send requests to the right tenants.

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