How to get tenant details in C8Y microservice

Is there any way to get all the tenant details C8Y microservice.

@prakash.veer06 Can you please explain your query in more details. Are you want to list down all the tenants through microservices?

Hello Vachaspati,

I have one microservice which will be deployed in various tenants. This microservice will have some calculations and will make some rest get API calls to the tenant itself.

Ex : Tenant A
Tenant B

Inside Tenant A, is there any way to get the tenant URL to make get API call and same goes to Tenant B.


few comments that might help you here:

  • Your microservice is gettting various environment variables injected at runtime. This includes e.g. the Base-URL, the tenant ID and Service credentials. See a list of available env vars here: General aspects - Cumulocity IoT Guides.
  • For your REST Calls, include the Tenant in your username, so use {Tenant-Id}/{Username} as your User.
  • If your developing a multi-tenant Microservice, you can do a GET /application/currentApplication/subscriptions with your bootstrap user (available as environment variable). It will return all tenant’s this service is currently subscribed (including tenant-ID and credentials)
  • If you’re using Java SDK, take a look at MicroserviceSubscriptionsService, it provides you with details about your current subscriptions.

Can you call REST …


See Cumulocity IoT - OpenAPI Specification

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