substituting a third party payload

Is there any detailed documentation or could someone explain how to plug in a different document than that which comes with the PIP for RNIF 2.0? Specifically it looks like in the conversation script under ‘AdditionalSettings’ - there are entries for DTD, NSFolder, and ThirdPartyPayload. It seems we also have to set the starting document using the rosettanet link in the server administrator.

Along the same lines when looking at some of the rosettanet services, it appears that webmethods uses the root tag to determine which record to use - my 3rd-party document will have namespaces which becomes a folder name with a ‘:’ in it, and therefore doesn’t work.


Did you ever get any direction on this ? I am having a similar issue where I need to replace the a PIP3A4 PO Request with another standard specific to another industry and would like some guidelines and steps to take in order to accomplish this. Thanks !!

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No - I didn’t get a response - I am most likely going to be working on
this shortly as well as attachments so we can keep each other updated. Best
thing to do is look at the samples. One thing I noticed was you can’t use
namespaces in the 3rd party payload because the built-in functionality uses
a ‘getRootTag’ service which in my case would be PIDX:Invoice - you can’t
use a : in a record name so it doesn’t work. This is/was supposed to be
fixed in the next version (not sure the status of wm for RN version