Subject:Suspend/release TN delivery task automatically/scheduled

There is an option to manually suspend/release delivery tasks in Trading Networks if there’s a planned maintenance on the partner gateway. But due to the high amount of partners and requests our Support team is getting to suspend delivery for a given timeframe, it would be a good feature to get this automatically driven via a scheduler or MWS feature.
I have not seen this in WM 7.x,8.x or 9.0 release.
Does anyone has built this by it’s own or uses the out of box schedulers to achieve the same?

Yes there are options already existing…If your are send task mean there should be queue associated to it and we can control it

Option like to be following
4)Suspend Delivery

you can use option 4

This is known. But the requirement is to predefine those activities. I.e.: We know on the 10th June that for queue x we need to disable from 1st July 06:00am PST till 2nd July 10:00 am PST. So we want to set this up in advance. To get it automatically suspended during this period WITHOUT any manual activity.

Follow these steps

1)Write a custom service(takes input name of queue and send it to partner) for delivery and register it IS
2)make queue interval of current time and leave it
3)add custome service in scheduler

Yeah, this is probably how it will end up. To build a generic service and a gui which will feed it. to disable/enable queues depending on the windows, 'cause seems nowadays those are weekly activities our support team is engaged with.

But thought there might be something else and maybe a better way, 'cause with such a tool we will somehow misuse the schedulers which usually drive some real “business data logic” (edi batching, FTP queues…)
If there’s no other choice we anyhow need to build something around them.

Even queue can also be scheduled as per our requirments with out scheduler service

try to do in that way…simple & easy option.Check public queue->Schedule->Processing queue options