Struck on

Hi All,

I have used the service of, previously it has worked fine. But, now its not working. Control is getting struck over the service.

I have followed the steps as given bellow:

Could you please suggest why it is happening in this way and how can I overcome this.


Hello RP,

Can you provide complete information to advice/suggest you better :slight_smile:

Share the error logs. Make sure the remote server alias are configured properly and whether you are able to test them.

Hello Mahesh,

The issue doesn’t occur daily, it happens occasionally and there are no errors in the logs. When the control comes to invoke service there it hangs for a couple of mins, not sure why its happening


I have no idea :slight_smile: You may have to wait until someone replies.

What do you mean it’s not working?

You got any error?

Hi Wang,
As i said there is no error, when control is reaching to that service,it’s getting stucked there

Also kindly share me your mail id so that i can share you the details what all you need on this.


Hi All,
After an hour i got the below exception message:

com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: [ISC.0063.9136] [Tx] Expired transaction

Kindly let me know how can I overcome this.


Try this Extended Setting watt.tx.defaultTTLMins=?

Restart if asked to do so.

It’s already been set to 30


@ All : Any clue why it’s happening and how to overcome this


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Do you find anything abnormal in the log file of target server?

Guy any one got answer for the above problem, i am also facing the same issue

but the error when i tested the servie from server admin page it is showing

the below error:

$errorDump Server error occurred
$errorInfo $errorDump Server error occurred
$error [ISS.0086.9134] Missing required parameter: tid
$localizedError [ISS.0086.9134] Missing required parameter: tid
$user xxxxxxxxxxx

$callStack $service

$error [ISS.0086.9134] Missing required parameter: tid

can anyone please help me on this