string tokenize


I have requirement for checking the pipe (|) and removing the third string

like incoming string would be GB|0923774|385763 and I have to return out GB|0923774. If input is GB|0923377 then no need to take any action.

Please let me know how to implement logic.

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There are more than one ways to do this, but before I jump into explaining, can you confirm that your string can have max 2 occurrences of | and you have to get rid of the string after second | or can there be multiple occurrences of pipe and you have to get rid of every third string?

eg can your string be: GB|0923774|385763|GB|4523223|7873234
and desired output is: GB|0923774|GB|4523223

or will it always be only like: GB|0923774|385763 requiring output to be

Obviously the latter is much simpler to achieve.

~ Rohit

Hi Rohit,

yes my string always contain max 2 pipe.

My input string always will be like GB|0923774|385763 or GB|0923774 and required output for both condition should be GB|0923774.


Review the descriptions for these services.


You should be able to do this with just these two calls and a map step or two.


Using with string:tokenize(input yourstring,delim= | returns ValueList),using map steps you can use valuelist[0,1] indexes or loop it and append them to a newstringlist and finally use string:makeString(input newstringlist,delim = |) to form GB|0923774

This logic should work with both of your cases when input is GB|0923774|385763 or GB|0923774…

Sorry Rob,i didnt see your post before my post which has similar suggestion and later realized.


There you have your answer Akshay - tokenize and then makeString. When mapping from valueList (result of tokenize) to makeString’s element array, set proper indices under the properties.

~ Rohit

Thanks all it’s works !!! nice to see I registered on good active forum and all credit goes to u.

I’d like to ask, how can I get stringList with three values from this one: 0035;;23 ??
I need to get three values second should be $null, or ’ '.

Write a Java service that has the same service signature as pub.string:tokenize but name it something like myutils.string:split (put it into whichever folder makes most sense for your general purpose utilities).

Within the service, use String.split to perform the work (requires JVM 1.4 or later).