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Hi fellow wMUsers,

I just joined wMUsers forum and I’m very new to WebMethod. Please help me with the following probelm:

I have a phone number field that are in the following format from Siebel Oracle database. It seems that the zeroes are format masks:

000000 0000-000000

I need to publish this field without the zeroes. I plan to remove eveything after the carriage return / new line. After this, I also need to make sure that the total number of characters left are not greater than 25.

What’s the syntax for the transformation? Is it a relatively easy task or do I need any scripting?

Thanks in advance for helping a new member!



Welcome to WmUsers!!

For doing this logic you can use pub.string:tokenize service map phone number variable to inString,set delim input for carriage return what you have to do is use SetValue on “delim” input and right click on that box UseLargeEditor and just enter the cursor and close the popup and in tokenize service output valueList in the next step use map step and map valueList index[0] to parse_ph.
Now the parse_ph value will have +4401920485120 in the pipeline.

Using pub.string:length it gives the length of the parse_ph called ph_length and based on this you can use Branch on /ph_length condition to check is ph_length is not > 25 do nothing and if ph_length <= 25 proceed further.

let us know if you have any questions.


Dear rmg,

Thank you so much for your quick rsponse. Your suggestions worked!


Very glad to hear that it worked.